July 2017

Bridgnorth Bypass Update 19/7/17

A458 Improvement works have started.

Improvement works on the A458 Bridgnorth bypass started on Tuesday 11 July 2017.

The work on the A458 and the roundabout approaches between the A458/B4373 (Wenlock Road) junction and the Stourbridge Road roundabout are due to finish by 10 November.

A 20mph temporary speed limit has been placed on the works extents for the duration of the scheme. This speed reduction is in place to protect both the contractors workforce, but also to give added safety to the motoring public.

Since the 11th July Shropshire Council’s contractors have been working on the Bridgnorth River Severn Bridge and on the Stourbridge Road and Kidderminster Road Roundabouts. These works will continue for the next two weeks.

Works to the bridge are ongoing, concrete testing is currently being carried out on the bridge deck from the underside of the bridge, however works to the bridge parapets on the topside of the bridge will begin requiring two way traffic signals to be in place from the 24th July for approx. 1 week.

Concurrently work will continue to both roundabouts. Traffic Management will be in place on the roundabouts at different times to enable the contractor to carry out excavation in a safe manner. Only one roundabout will be under traffic signals at any one time and works will be phased to avoid the signals on Bridgnorth Bridge. This work will last another 2 weeks.

Looking further ahead at road closure dates, it is intended that a series of weekday, but night time closures will be in place from 4th September, extending well into October to enable the resurfacing works and bridge deck joint replacement works.

Final resurfacing of the Ludlow Road and Kidderminster Road roundabouts require 24 hour road closures where half of each roundabout will be closed to enable curing of the surfacing material. These are currently planned for midweek days during mid-September. Further and more specific details will be released nearer the time when dates are more firmly programmed.


Hedd Wyn Jones

Senior Engineer

Superfast Broadband plans for Chetton

Update from Connecting Shropshire

20170718 Chetton parish council – update from Connecting Shropshire

Connecting Shropshire is a multi-million pound programme to bring faster broadband to the parts of the Shropshire Council area where private companies are not going to provide it as part of their current commercial plans. To date, the programme has provided access to superfast broadband for many homes and businesses across a range of exchange areas, from Albrighton to Chirbury, and Chirk to Tenbury Wells. More than 60,000 premises are now within reach of the new network that we’ve built. The programme is due to complete by 2020.

To date, Connecting Shropshire has provided access to fibre broadband for around 30 premises in the parish. Premises in The Down area (to the west of the exchange building) have access to a fibre broadband connection. Once fibre broadband is available in an area, people wanting to access the new network need to make the switch by upgrading to a fibre broadband package with their chosen internet service provider.

Parishioners can visit our website: http://connectingshropshire.co.uk/when-and-where/ to check the availability of fibre broadband and the detailed map at https://shropshire.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=ddc8d72666934ca4ab4f938050be4ee4). If parishioners have download speeds of less 2mbps, they can apply to the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme. For more details, see: http://connectingshropshire.co.uk/basic-broadband-subsidyscheme/ or call Connecting Shropshire and we can assist you by completing the online application form on their behalf.

Legacy contract 1 work is expected to benefit premises in the south west of the parish. Work planned in contract 2 is expected to bring premises in Chetton within reach of a superfast broadband service.

Contract 3 – Airband http://connectingshropshire.co.uk/contract-3-airband/
The map in the attached document (available on the website) shows the planned/current Next Generation Access (NGA) coverage in the parish up to 2020 (NGA infrastructure is capable of delivering 30mbps). Most premises in the parish either already have current/planned access to fibre broadband (grey dots), or are expected to benefit from contract 3 (pink dots). Contract 3 has just been signed with a company called Airband, which has been providing access to high-speed wireless broadband in rural areas since 2002. Premises marked with a yellow dot are not currently in plan to get access to superfast broadband. Having said that, the Connecting Shropshire programme runs till 2020 and additional funding is available. We will be seeking a solution to provide superfast broadband for unserved premises and remain confident that we can provide access to a superfast broadband connection for all Shropshire Council premises by 2020.

Register your interest
If you’re in plan to be covered by contract 3 (pink dot), you can register your interest with Airband by entering your postcode on their website at https://home.airband.co.uk/.  Airband will then keep you updated as more information becomes available.

If parishioners have specific queries, they should email [email protected], with their question as well as providing their address and landline number (if they have one at the property).

Contact Details

Connecting Shropshire homepage

[email protected]
Tel: 01743 252203