Bridgnorth Bypass Road Update & Look Ahead (2017-11-17)

Bridgnorth Bypass Road Update & Look Ahead (2017-11-17)

A458 Improvement update

Improvement works on the A458 Bridgnorth bypass are set to be substantially complete on 21st November.

At present the contractor is completing the last of the programmed works, with works in progress on powering up the streetlights, the vehicle restraint system, gully cleaning and the white lining.

The additional resurfacing works on the Stourbridge Road Roundabout is also still in progress with white lining the final activity.

These works should be completed by Tuesday 21st November. However any remedial works identified as the activities above are completed may mean that some minor site works will occur until Friday 24th November when the Contractor is planning to have fully demobilised.

In October Shropshire Council decided to replace the parapet mesh panels on the River Severn Bridge. These are on order, however the lead in on these items meant that it has not been possible to install these at the same time as the remaining site works. The present panels are serviceable and safe in the meantime.

Once these panels become available the Contractor will remobilise a small team to install these at a future date to be confirmed. To minimise disruption to traffic it is planned that this work will occur over night between 8PM and 6AM (weekdays) using 2 way traffic signals on the bridge over a 10 night period. These works will be advertised using advance warning signs located on each approach to the bridge in due course.

As the scheme is nearing its end, this will be the final update you will receive on the project.


Hedd Wyn Jones
Senior Engineer.

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