Chetton Active Friends – 2/10/17 2pm

Recently Chetton Parish Council applied for a grant on behalf of Chetton Village Hall to set up a community program.
Chetton Active Friends will be open to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing. We are offering gentle exercise and refreshments for those who would like to get out of the house more and meet people.
The program will start on Monday 2nd October at 2pm and will be free of charge apart from an initial registration fee of £5.00.
If you know of anyone who wishes to attend but is without transport, this may be able to be arranged.
It is a flexible program and if people wish to come along just to socialise that is ok too.
We know there are many people who would benefit from this and if you could help spread the word, it would be much appreciated.
If anyone wishes for further please contact us via the enquiry form.
Many thanks
Sue Bayliss

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