Superfast Broadband Plans for Chetton (Update 2017-10-30)

Faster fibre broadband is now available to order in Chetton village.

The legacy contract 1 work that is expected to benefit premises in the south west of the parish should be completed early in the New Year.

People can visit our website: to check which exchange area and cabinet serves their premises and to check the availability of fibre broadband.

Because we have installed Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) in this area, those premises within reach of the network should be able to benefit from download speeds of up to 300mbps (and upload speeds of up to 20mbps). However, not all service providers currently offer the service so parishioners might not be informed by their Internet Service Provider (ISP) that it is available and may need to consider changing providers.

More information is available on our website, see:

Please note that broadband speeds won’t increase automatically.


Ben Walker
Marketing and Engagement Manager
Connecting Shropshire
Shropshire Council

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